Jowharah Sanders

As Director of Business and Nonprofit Development for BryteBox, Jowharah expertly facilitates the growth of business and nonprofit organizations within the BryteBox client portfolio. Her own entrepreneurial experiences affords her the knowledge to apply business logic and acumen to real-life business obstacles.

Jowharah also serves as the Executive Director of National Voices for Equality, Education & Enlightenment (NVEEE), a national anti-bullying organization.
Under her direction NVEEE has implemented a research-based school-wide bullying prevention program called “Be Upstanding”, whose innovative model of change has student bystanders take a direct role in reducing bullying at their schools. Additionally, NVEEE hosts a summer leadership academy PALS (Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit) where students have a safe space to share their experiences around bullying, self harm or suicide ideation, and in turn learn to become their own advocates and agents of change for others. It’s a successful program that turns bystanders into upstanders.