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Comprehensive consulting services in marketing, communications and business development.

We GROW Your Business, You Do the Rest

Our services help businesses succeed in optimizing and executing go-to-market strategies, including: market research, brand development, social media management, web and graphic design, public relations, content development and distribution, management consulting, start-up consulting, and non-profit development.

BryteBox can manage all of your marketing needs. We spearhead marketing campaigns, executing insightful audits and developing comprehensive campaigns, tailored specifically to meet your business objectives. Our multifaceted approach to marketing will ensure your business is cleverly reaching your audience in all the mediums where you have a presence, both online and off.

Our marketing services include:

  • Turn-Key Brand Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Promotion & Management
  • Traditional & Digital Marketing
  • Web & Graphic Design

In today’s connected world, being on social media is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Through effective social media management, BryteBox will lead efforts to bring you front and center with your online audience. We’ll establish and maintain your web presence and corresponding social media profiles. We track all marketing activities with continuous analytics reporting and ROI analyses.

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Curation
  • Influencer Engagement

We are excellent communicators! BryteBox not only gets the word out about your company, across multiple mediums, but gets you directly in front of your target market. We’ll work with you to develop your brand and establish significant brand equity, through authentic relationships. We create tailored internal and external communications strategies, targeted PR campaigns and results-driven thought leadership campaigns.

  • Public Relations
  • Thought Leadership Campaigns
  • Content Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Speaker Representation

From start-up business coaching and coordination of market-entry strategies to the development of targeted initiatives and campaigns for increased efficiencies, exposure and revenues, BryteBox will take your business to the next level, wherever it may be.

  • Management Consulting
  • Start-up Consulting
  • Non-Profit Development

Knowledge isn’t power, until it’s applied”  Dale Carnegie

At BryteBox, we are passionate about sharing our expertise by offering a variety of workshops to empower entrepreneurs from all levels, with the knowledge and resources needed to make strategic decisions that lead to growth.

Our #OutoftheBox workshops and webinars provide guidance, tools and know-how in many areas, and are especially tailored to each workshop audience; from high school and college students, to seasoned business owners.

Social Media 101 for Business Owners

Business owners need to understand the fundamentals of setting up their business’ social media framework. This #OutoftheBox Workshop reviews why businesses need social media, and what every business owner should know before setting up their social media profiles. Other areas covered include the importance of ‘brand uniformity’, or presenting a unified brand, using consistent voice, logos and verbiage throughout all social media platforms; how to identify the correct platforms to focus on, and the development of a simple-to-follow approach to social media.

Branding Your Business Like the Pros

When your brand is your promise, you had better be authentic! The Branding Your Business Like the Pros workshop explains the importance of establishing a transparent, trustworthy brand. Learn how to establish an effective brand that resonates within your target audiences, by identifying, adopting and communication the different elements of your brand that rallies your brand ambassadors.

Personal Branding Vs. Business Branding

Many marketers and business leaders wrongly assume that personal branding is only for those looking to be “famous” or become some type of online or social marketing “guru.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Developing your personal brand is essential for small business owners. You and your company are considered the same thing. In today’s interconnected business environment, where research on individuals is only a Google search away, your personal brand plays a large role in whether or not people will do business with you.

SWOT Analyses

Do you know your business, really know your business? Understand the importance of a comprehensive “SWOT Analysis” and how to conduct one, effectively. Learn to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and how to turn this awareness into actionable items.


This workshop walks students through the fundamentals of modern entrepreneurship, its role in today’s society and the many opportunities for entrepreneurship that a student comes across on a regular basis. We’ll study and analyze successful teen and young adult entrepreneurs, and also look into entrepreneurship opportunities available immediately. Participants will be given their own projects, and provided the framework to build and test drive a business idea, putting their entrepreneurial spirits to the test.

For more information on our workshops, or to schedule one for your group, please email us at: [email protected]