Capturing Guests & Catching Waves: How One International Boutique Hotel Recognized A Key Opportunity During Pandemic Times


Set in the enviable surf town of El Zonte, El Salvador, the boutique Hotel Michanti is synonymous with two things: adventure and community. With dozens of reviews on, the surf-loving and entrepreneurial founder, Pablo Schildknecht, knew he was creating something special. A health-conscious restaurant menu, wifi available anywhere on the grounds, a hammock canopy and tropical pool deck all created an atmosphere that seemed to delight guests from around the world. Yet, the Michanti brand was so much more than hospitality. The founder, a native of El Salvador, was passionate to not only help guests discover the authentic beauty in their country, but also invite the community into the opportunities offered through guided tours and more. When the pandemic hit the entire hospitality industry, the founder quickly realized he needed to communicate not only their Covid-19 precautions as a hotel, but all the unique opportunities such as influencer retreats, surfing excursion trips, and more that they offered and made them truly themselves!

The Big Question

Looking to the other side of the pandemic, how can we best communicate with our past and future guests right now?


Knowing they needed to “deep dive” into their brand identity as well as create a workable guest communication strategy, the founders called on BryteBox. Through a series of in-person conversations and observing just how integrated the Michanti founder and employees were in the El Zonte business community, the BryteBox team went to work to create an authentic means of sharing not only who the Michanti brand was, but everything they had to offer to like-minded guests. 

First off, BryteBox sat down with the founder to document their current communications efforts and channels as well as determine who they were as a brand. A comprehensive communications strategy was created that incorporated all the channels (social and digital + local, national, and international) used for promotion. 

Next, BryteBox ensured that each team member knew his or her role in the Hotel Michanti communications flow. BryteBox set up Asana workflows for the team and provided full training. As part of the operational toolkit necessary for up-leveling the brand, BryteBox also created an email newsletter template and contact database with segmentation within the full content strategy.


“Our meetings [with BryteBox] were highly interactive and they created a whole new relationship with the brand [and our guests]. Brad painted a clear picture of where we have to be and helped us get the ball rolling in that direction,” said Hotel Michanti Manager, Felipe Emura.

Building a solid communications strategy on the newly minted brand identity foundation developed with BryteBox, Hotel Michanti saw near-immediate results. Traffic to the website increased and converted into a notable increase in new bookings. Their contact list and email database also grew from visible opt-ins uniquely targeted to adventurers. Additionally, Hotel Michanti now had several touchpoints for departed guests and a strategy for return business.

BryteBox Quote

Pablo has instilled an incredible community-first culture at Hotel Michanti. And the guests experience it first-hand, time and time again. This type of leadership and employee comradery enabled the Brytebox team, as the storytellers of the brand, to produce quick key media and business wins for Hotel Michanti. We anticipate an even bryte-r future as their story continues to resonate with more and more travelers and adventurers!

Confidently Launching A New Business: How Two Industry Experts Went From Idea to Implementation


With over 35 years of collective experience in building and design, Gaston and Norma Galella made a decision in this pandemic year that would change their legacy: to launch a design-build firm focused on family, community and concierge-level service. With the idea cemented in their minds and a clear market opportunity in South Florida, they determined their official launch date, took notes of who they would approach with their announcement, and created the name Duoma Atelier to reflect their ideals of home and high-end attention to detail. And they also realized that in order to launch successfully and with the level of excellence they were known for in their own industries, they needed expert go-to-market advice and support. Confidently presenting their business to their former colleagues, vendors and potential clients was their highest priority. 

Just a few months out from their end of the year launch date, Norma and Gaston had gone as far as they could and remembered their fellow business owner friends who had successfully gone to market and were, in fact, steadily growing. These friends were long-time BryteBox clients who assured them to ask for the support they needed by reaching out to the team.

The Big Question

Who can help us confidently and expertly bring our new business to market?


The BryteBox team sensed Norma and Gaston’s excitement and went about translating their energy into a comprehensive launch strategy. In the Duoma Atelier Discovery Workshop, Brytebox identified four core goals: to establish marketing, to enter the market, to generate buzz, and to develop consistent branding and messaging through a value-driven communication approach. With this in mind, the team implemented a phased launch strategy and a succinct timeline for peace of mind. The initial phases were key foundational work including an engaging brand story, competitive analysis, and go-to-market strategy based on best practices for their industry and location. The subsequent phases flowed easily with launch communication across channels paired with creative seasonal marketing.


Preparing a clearly defined timeline for execution and holistically approaching all the launch components, BryteBox became fully integrated into Duoma Atelier’s ethos and was able to precisely craft the brand’s entrance into the world and web. By launching a high-impact website, setting up and managing all social media channels, developing print collateral and more, BryteBox ensured they had peace of mind as their public image had been reflected with both authenticity and expertise. With the team skillfully handling all things brand and launch, Norma and Gaston were free to focus exclusively on their sales and business development strategy. As a result, they not only professionally launched to extremely positive feedback, they also immediately began realizing qualified, targeted leads for their services.

“As creatives often wearing many hats, it is hard to recognize when we need to outsource services to help our business thrive. When we decided to launch our business in the middle of a pandemic, we knew right away we needed help from an experienced PR and Marketing team to make the right first impression. Brytebox performed beyond our expectations creating a successful launching strategy from the comfort of our homes.  They have become an integral part of our team and we look forward to continued collaboration for years to come” – Norma and Gaston Galella

BryteBox Quote

Behind every successful brand launch are both the ideators and the implementers,” said Juliana Ruiz, President & Founder of BryteBox. “The dynamic duo of Duoma AtelierGaston and Norma, came to BryteBox with a clear idea of how they could offer their expertise to the South Florida market. Our job as implementers was to position them for maximum ‘out of the gate’ success and exposure and we are thrilled at the response to our collaboration so far!”

Webinar-Worthy: Elevating One Organization’s Profile in the Marketplace Through Digital Event Expansion


The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is a robust, 32-year old membership organization with a two-prong focus: to provide touchpoints for C-suite healthcare executives to discuss industry challenges and to connect, both physically and digitally,  these executives from across the country. Until 2015, the organization was known only for hosting the HCEG Annual Forum, a highly anticipated event. In 2016, HCEG acknowledged more could be done to contribute to the aims of both members and sponsors as well as raise HCEG’s industry profile. With the help of BryteBox, they began expanding event offerings to include the HCEG Webinar Series.

Executives are bombarded regularly with webinar and virtual event opportunities, and while they are useful, it can be challenging for an organization to set their own webinars apart from the masses, effectively promote it, and deliver trusted educational content (instead of thinly veiled sales pitches posing as educational content.) HCEG envisioned top-notch webinars that would provide value to its sponsor and members. Knowing that developing compelling content, rolling out a solid marketing strategy, and illustrating the ability to draw repeat attendees is key to webinar success, they knew they needed help in executing a successful series of webinars.

The Big Question

How can we leverage webinars to elevate our organization’s position in our industry?


The HCEG Webinar Series, hosted monthly with sponsor partners, included thought leader and member participation. Working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, BryteBox developed a turn-key webinar development and execution process that encompassed the organization’s value proposition of providing a uniquely intimate learning environment for professional growth and development. The goal of the HCEG Webinar Series became clear: to raise the profile of the organization by connecting with members where they were (online) and to earnestly discuss topics pertinent to their organizations and the healthcare industry as a whole.

BryteBox utilized the project management software Asana to customize a workflow and key task schedule for the webinar production. Coordinating multiple stakeholders including the sponsors, marketing teams, presenters and attendees, BryteBox’s production team provided presentation coaching, landing page creation, registration management, branding and collateral development,  multi-channel webinar marketing and all the details in between.


Over what became a six year professional relationship, HCEG and BryteBox produced 28 webinars and successfully reached thousands of health plan executives across the country. The success of the HCEG Webinar Series raised HCEG’s profile with sponsors who valued greater engagement within their customer base. The no-headache webinar systems were easily replicated time and time again with exceptional participant response.

“Juliana and her team at BryteBox are terrific partners with us at the HealthCare Executives Group,” said Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of HCEG. “Her business acumen and great professional personality make every interaction a delight. I can’t give a higher recommendation for Juliana as an executive and she is surrounded by a great team.”

BryteBox Quote

“Working with HCEG in the development of their HCEG Webinar Series was an excellent opportunity for us to marry our digital and project management expertise with their member engagement and brand exposure goals,” said Juliana Ruiz, President & Founder of BryteBox. “Our team custom-created pre-webinar, day-of and post-webinar systems for HCEG’s array of stakeholders. Their investment yielded a high-quality, repeatable digital experience for all and certainly garnered positive industry regard!”

Growth Gone (Nearly) Wild: Acknowledging Growing Pains While Celebrating Success


On the heels of the 2008 economic downturn, financier Nathaniel Korn was scoping the Miami market for his next profitable business venture. With what Korn calls a cocktail of good fortune and business intuition, he soon launched IMAIM CAPITAL to identify, acquire and manage commercial real estate opportunities for institutional/accredited investors and family offices. Concurrently, Korn launched two additional complementary businesses: IMAIM LEASING and IMAIM PROPERTY to service the investment portfolio. He enjoyed rapid success but like many high growth firms, there was little time to develop or implement systems for his growing team.

The Big Question

How can I put a system around this? And how can I delegate responsibilities to others by setting expectations and designing roles they are proud of?


In order to develop solutions to IMAIM’s two big questions, the BryteBox team invested time meeting onsite with the team to understand their day-to-day business operations. Identifying key roles and the activities that ran the business was the first step to seamlessly streamlining workflows. The second step entailed the BryteBox team creating standard operating procedures, an organizational chart, and methods for organizing and managing tasks. Finally, and perhaps most tactically for the IMAIM team, BryteBox customized Salesforce and trained all employees in how to best use the software for their particular role whether for property management or investment deal flow.

“The ‘before-BryteBox and after-BryteBox’ of how we do business has been transformational on a daily basis to say the least,” says IMAIM founder, Nathaniel Korn. “Not only am I able to solely focus on higher level growth opportunities, my team is enabled and empowered to serve our clients the way I had envisioned from day one of the firm.”


IMAIM CAPITAL and its two sister companies transitioned from the disorganization of high growth into the stability of a data-driven firm. The team now makes informed decisions on data received from their customized Salesforce application. Equipped with a system for documenting their conversations, each employee holds full ownership of their vendor and client relationships. As a result, the firm’s relationships have notably strengthened through clearer communication.

BryteBox Quote

“Nathan created a business to reflect his own ideals: “capitalism for good,” consistent improvement and employee development. Our role was to create the bridge between these ideals and daily operations so employees would truly be empowered in their lives and in their role, which were both important to Nathan. From the start, we built solutions alongside the IMAIM team by brainstorming, creating, testing and tweaking at every step. The buy-in was truly built-in. The rapid positive results for the team speaks toward the collaborative approach that clients recognize BryteBox for.” – Brad Wells

A Trusted Voice: Engaging a PR Dream Team To Elevate Brand Awareness


Taking a lunch break away from their Miami Beach offices, four interior designers had no idea how pivotal their ensuing conversation would be. Greg Walton, Javier Calle, Jorge Mesa and Yohandel Ruiz sensed a timely opportunity to launch a boutique-style studio reflective of their collective creativity and hospitality expertise. A few months into their launch, the co-founders signed impressive contracts in the cruise industry and had already added key design staff to support the growing project list. With momentum building and a workload to match, the veteran designers quickly realized the bounds of their expertise. In order to make a solid footprint beyond their first projects, they needed to bring in trusted marketers and strategists to showcase their initial success and attract new clients.

The Big Question

Who can we trust to be the voice of our brand in the market?


“Early on, it became our top priority to identify a team who could do what they do best – branding and PR- while we concentrated on what we do best as a budding design studio” said co-founder Greg Walton. “As interior designers, we are fluent in visual storytelling and this is what we happily offer to our niche market,” co-founder Jorge Mesa added. “That said, we also knew the market needed to get to know our capabilities. As a direct result of our engagement with BryteBox, we went from “the new kids on the block” to a major player in the cruise design sector!” 

BryteBox invested time discerning the co-founders’ ideal vision and personality of their firm through a series of consultations. This foundational collaboration enabled BryteBox to get to know the personality of the studio to create a full brand guide and to develop on-point messaging through earned media and digital brand management including social media and website development. Implementing a 360-degree brand strategy, BryteBox positioned Studio DADO as a breakout firm rapidly gaining accolades and respect in the industry.

“Early on, it became our top priority to identify a team who could do what they do best – branding and PR- while we concentrated on what we do best as a budding design studio” said co-founder Greg Walton.


With a cohesive and targeted brand strategy, BryteBox secured ongoing industry publication placement (including Forbes, USA Today, Orlando Sentinel, Food + Wine, Travel + Leisure, Miami Herald and Condé Nast Traveler). Positioned by Brytbox’s PR team as the industry darling, Studio DADO debuted on Interior Design magazine’s ‘100 Rising Giants’ list for 2019 and also increased its ranking from 58th place to 52nd place on the ‘Giants in Hospitality’ survey rankings. Continual press placements drew the attention of top-name clients. DADO founders were confident their voice was being expertly amplified in the market by BryteBox.


BryteBox Quote

When a high-performing team- like the co-founders of Studio DADO- reaches out to us for brand advice, we recognize they have specific goals in mind to raise their image in the industry. We provide “the how” of developing the standout story of a firm and expertly telling that story in such a way to attract timely industry recognition. Our clients, including Studio DADO, have graciously said that we become part of their team which is a testament to just how vested we are in our clients goals! Their success is truly our success.

The “New Normal”: Communicating The Pandemic Pivot & Setting Customers At Ease


On any given afternoon, Taste Buds Kitchen (TBK) in West Miami would be buzzing with parents dropping off their aspiring little chefs and chatting about just what recipes the hands-on instructors would be teaching for class. Come in the evening and the sound of wine glasses clinking would be heard during the lively adult cooking classes. Yet, like many other high-touch or retail-based businesses, TBK promptly closed its door in March in solidarity against the spread of Covid-19. In the weeks that followed, TBK co-owners Laura and Beatriz Zaldivar found themselves ruminating on reopening scenarios. They questioned exactly how they could communicate all the safety precautions the business was rolling out. Knowing they needed expert outside marketing know-how, Laura and Beatriz turned to BryteBox and scheduled their one-on-one (or rather, team-on-team) brainstorming session.

The Big Question

How can we confidently talk to our customers and potentially gain new ones throughout this unprecedented time? 


“Sitting down with the BryteBox team so soon after the pandemic began affecting our business was a breath of fresh air,” said co-owner Laura. “Actually, it was more than that,” interjected co-owner Beatriz. “The initial meeting reminded us that our business has always and will always be anchored in providing a safe culinary event experience, pandemic or no pandemic.” Hearing TBK’s commitment to safety and enjoyment through both online and live offerings, the BryteBox team designed a social media brand engagement strategy to ease the minds of existing customers unsure about their risk at a cooking class. Looking at TBK’s untapped reach on social media, BryteBox devised a lead generation campaign that thoughtfully engaged existing and new customers looking for something fun to do. 

“Sitting down with the BryteBox team so soon after the pandemic began affecting our business was a breath of fresh air,” said co-owner Laura.


The BryteBox team developed engaging posts and provided timely and relevant replies in comment sections to positively spotlight TBK’s reputation. This implemented strategy brought a voice of integrity and transparency to the targeted Facebook group conversations. 

Specifically, during a one month time period, BryteBox also generated 44 sales opportunities through its lead generation strategy for the business. TBK benefited from a 10% increase in organic traffic to their page and enjoyed increased positive regard for their safety measures.

BryteBox Quote

From our first meeting with Beatriz and Laura, the Brytebox team was energized by these two go-getter co-founders. We listened in to their specific goals and needs and delivered a thoughtful initial analysis with recommendations. Little did we know that the pandemic impacts were days away and their needs would shift drastically. Beatriz and Laura kept their eye-on-the-ball and motivated to take-on the new challenges. Our team reconvened and provided timely new analysis with immediately implementable recommendations. Their fortitude and enthusiasm inspired us and, ultimately, will lead to their continued success regardless of uncertainty or circumstances.

It started with “Hey There!”…

As the world began to practice Social Distancing, we wanted to find a way to get closer to our network. In a time of uncertainty, it was important for us to emphasize what we do best- we are here to help. Our goal was to provide something of value, something that illustrated our areas of expertise, and something that inspired action. While we pride ourselves on developing and executing “out-of-the-box” solutions, we knew this one had to come from the heart. Once we started thinking Inside the [Bryte]Box, the solution became clear- let’s empower our network to work “ON” their business- DIY or with our help.  

Inside the Box Infographic Series

For 5 consecutive weeks, we released a series of DIY guides to moving your business ahead. Each infographic featured actionable ways to establish, measure, and grow marketing and communication efforts. We use these methods to not only improve our client’s brand presence, but BryteBox’s as well.

Our weekly newsletters featured the latest infographic, a “Bryte Idea” we recommend implementing, and our best advice for when you’re feeling “boxed in”. We set out to give a behind the scenes look at what we do for our clients, but what we gained was a meaningful connection with our audience during a very vulnerable and isolated time.

Thank you to our friends for the shares and engagement, we appreciate your support. For those who may have missed our Inside the Box Infographic Series, read our recap below. Stay safe, stay in touch, and stay tuned for more Bryte ways to move your business ahead.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website from search engines, like Google, Bing, and even YouTube. SEO is often an afterthought when building a new website or posting on social media, but when implemented consistently across all communication channels, the payoff is a long-term, high-ranking, spot on relevant search results. 

This infographic features 5 ways to improve your ranking on search engines organically. The first step in an effective SEO strategy is conducting keyword research to better understand what people are searching for. Use a keyword tool to see what search terms are popular in your industry, and use those throughout your website. Analyze your website for 3 important technical factors: back-end optimization (hosting and indexing), front-end content (keywords and metadata), and link quality. SEO audit tools, like Moz, can identify your website’s technical pitfalls that could negatively affect your SEO rankings. Implement the recommended solutions, and use the tool to evaluate how well your front-end content uses your target keywords.

Whether your website is brand new, or barely touched in the past year, there is never a bad time to sync with Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Google search algorithms favor websites that are registered and optimized using their products. Adding new content regularly is another way to score brownie points with search algorithms. The more high- quality keyword-rich content you add, the more opportunity you have to drive traffic to your site.

Lastly, your satisfied customers also play a vital role in your search engine rankings. Reach out to your customers for a review, make it easy to leave their feedback, and share their reviews on your website. Google takes ratings into consideration when ranking local businesses and uses that read revies are typically close to a buying decision.

Website Review

Your website is your digital business card. Make sure it represents you well. A good website is informative, user-friendly, and updated frequently. Maintaining website health requires consistent effort. Much like our own health, good habits, and commitment to wellness pay off in the long run. 

This infographic features 5 ways to review your website to ensure it is consistently optimized, and it begins with viewing your website through the eyes of a visitor. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and that all pages load properly on both desktop and mobile. Verify all links are pointing to the correct destination, and fill out your contact form to confirm you can submit and receive submission notifications. Site speed is another critical factor that significantly impacts user experience and can also result in poor search engine rankings. Use a tool, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, to determine what is affecting load times and implement the recommendations provided.  

Maintaining website health requires consistent effort. Visit your website daily to ensure it is up and running. On a monthly basis, confirm all plugins and website hosting is running on the latest version. Check-in with your reporting tools frequently to make sure they are connected and reporting data. Run a broken link audit frequently, our favorite is The content on your website should also be reviewed periodically to make sure it is up to date, comprehensive, and informative. Pay attention to content structure and context- the text, pictures, and call to action should be relevant to the specific page you are viewing. Don’t forget to review for spelling and grammar mistakes!

Need help staying on top of your website? Click here to view our recommended weekly and monthly website administrator tasks. Set calendar reminders and alerts, establish automated reporting tools, and visit your website often.

Social Media Audit

The more people who know about your business, the greater the chance of them becoming a customer. Increase your brand awareness by posting on social media at the time and place your target audience is most active.

This infographic features 5 ways to audit your social media presence and fine-tune your communication strategy based on your audience, competitors, and resources. Start by reviewing your current presence on social media- is your profile picture, banner, about us, and messaging consistent across all platforms? Always make sure your contact information is up to date, easy to find, and social media accounts have reciprocal links.

To maximize engagement on social media, take the time to really get to know your target audience. When posting, take into consideration what time they are browsing and what type of content they like the most. Use the free insights provided by your social channels to learn more about your audience’s social media habits and curate your communication strategy to trends you identify. Draft your content at least 2 weeks ahead to stay consistent and relevant, and use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to pre-schedule posts to go out at the optimal time. Be sure to use insights from your recent posts to fine tine future content. Click here to view our best practices for creating a social media content calendar.

A thorough social media audit begins with looking at your own presence and ends with looking at your competitors. Evaluate your competitors for what channels they are active on, how often they post, what accounts/ hashtags they use, and how many followers they have. Compare these to your own metrics to see how you can adjust to better serve your target market.

Connecting with your Audience

Let people know you are thinking about them. Finding creative ways to provide value and stay top of mind is key to staying connected, strengthening relationships, and growing business. The frequency in which your business communications with its audience directly affects their ability to remember it.

This infographic features 5 ways to authentically connect with your audience.  Plan to engage with your audience frequently, and via different communication channels. The power of constant presence should never be underestimated. Determine at what frequency you will check in with your social accounts, engage with your audience, and reach out to new networks. Make sure you are responding to messaging and comments on your posts on a timely and consistent basis. Consider all of the mediums in which you can reach your audience- social media, email marketing, press, signage, and more. Based on your resources available, prioritize your efforts on the channels that will be the most impactful.

From personal outreach to mass marketing, consider the range of activities that can be employed to build and strengthen brand value and recognition. Find ways to connect with your network beyond the intention of selling. Share content from your community that aligns with your business, and would be of interest to your audience. From simple acts of kindness to grand gestures, the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

Reporting and Analytics

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Identifying and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help uncover opportunities for growth. It is also important to be transparent- analytics reporting should tell the whole story, not only the positive- challenges are catalysts for real improvement.

This infographic features 5 ways to analyze and report on your communication efforts. The first step to effective reporting is determining your objective. Write down what you are going to measure, and why it is important to measure it. Use Key Performance Indicators to track your goals and progress. Once you have determined what you are going to measure, determine how you will get that information. Automate and integrate your tools early on. Our favorite reporting tools are Iconosquare, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Your data is only as good as the frequency in which you review it. Based on your KPIs and resources available, determine how often your metrics must be analyzed. Use a tool, like Google Data Studio, to record your findings over time, and keep track of events that influence change. On a consistent basis, evaluate each of your KPIs for external and internal influences. Use context to provide the information necessary to understand whether you’re witnessing positive or negative outcomes. Revisit metrics from previous periods to gauge progress, and assess long-term goals periodically. After making an analysis, detail your next steps to resolve issues and grow opportunities. Provide the specificity required to take action, and assign responsibility when possible.