On Leading a Creative Team & Cultivating Culture: An Interview with BryteBox’s Managing Partner Brad Wells

As we wrap up a stellar year, we sat down with Brad Wells, BryteBox’s Managing Partner, for a lively discussion about his unique perspective on leading a creative team. It’s no secret the BryteBox culture is out-of-the-box, from trilingual clients to a hybrid, multi-time zone team of specialists. Read on to learn how intentionally cultivating culture has led to dynamic growth for our individual team members and our clients’ exposure in the marketplace. 

Culture is such a Herculean topic! Let’s go there. How would you describe the BryteBox culture in your own words?

The short and long of it? People. There is no BryteBox culture without its people. And our people lead with empathy. Sometimes that plays out with one team member being proactive to help another team member in their work or personal life. Other times, it’s as simple as a checkup on someone to see how they are feeling. Our relationships go way beyond work!

Another aspect of our culture that I see and appreciate is the shared value of optimism on our team. This optimism permeates everything we do – from leaving a supportive emoji on an Asana task to an encouraging word or shout out during a team meeting to the tone of our content writing or strategy development with clients! It also positively influences how we approach any sort of challenge or difficulty, whether individually or as a team. 

You’ve said that creating the BryteBox culture hasn’t always been conscious, yet there is a definite ethos our clients notice and share in interacting with our team! What are your thoughts on a leader’s role in creating and/or facilitating culture? 

I think it’s important for a leader to have a strong vision for how the organization and its people will treat others and build relationships. And, part of the leader’s responsibility is to truly live and embody that vision as an example for others to follow. For me, personally, my highest intention is to conduct myself in such a manner that allows me to have a completely clear conscience. The golden rule of “treating others like you would like to be treated” is paramount, a driver for me. If you choose to deeply adhere to this (and nothing else!), you’ll probably have a pretty easy time creating an ethos that is inspiring and, more importantly, morally and ethically just. Essentially, if you create or adopt a principle that is easily understood and nearly universally applicable, it’s a lot easier for others to unite around the same ethos!

You lead a hybrid, multilingual team spread across time zones and continents. What is the glue that holds it all together? 

The glue that holds us together is our project management software, Asana! I joke. There is more to it…

Our glue is our common bond of BryteBox’s culture. I genuinely believe that each of us cares about one another, cares about our work, cares about our clients, and cares about what our clients care about. I think each of us has a very strong moral compass that allows us to make decisions that will not negatively impact ourselves, the team, the client or society at large.

When we’re evaluating new candidates to join the BryteBox team, the most important factor is how well the candidate would integrate into our existing team. We want everyone who joins to feel comfortable and empowered within our strong existing culture.

It’s easy to read a job description, peruse a company’s IG and make some assumptions. (We’ve all done it!) What do you think a soon-to-be BryteBox-er would be surprised to learn after joining the team?

I think a new BryteBox team member would be most surprised by the depth of our team’s relationships with one another, especially considering the geography and other cultural/language challenges that exist. I believe they would also be surprised by how we work interdependently, meaning someone can work within a silo only so long before that silo is merged with another team member’s. We have a strong sense of balance between independent work and collaborative work. Said another way, we work interdependently to create a deliverable that is greater than the sum of its parts! 

You’ve noticed a distinctive pattern in our team’s hiring and growth. Will you share it?

Yes! Everyone that comes to work at BryteBox is brought onto the team for a specific function or purpose. We hire based on proof of a candidate’s existing skill set while also poking into where their interests are for professional expansion. Once they’re in the flow of the team, we naturally learn more about them! We are able to better understand what someone may be good at, what they like, and how they could add additional value to BryteBox’s clients.

There’s a Japanese concept called ikigai that informs my thinking on this. It means your “reason for being. “Iki” in Japanese means “life,” and “gai” describes value or worth. Your ikigai is what lights you up, what motivates you. Said another way, it is what makes you get out of the bed in the morning and brings you the highest joy.  

Individually and collectively, we want to be empowered for impact. And that is precisely what drives our team!

Final question: What’s on the horizon for the BryteBox team in 2023?

What’s on the horizon for BryteBox in 2023 is a stronger sense of team and a better grasp of how each individual team member interacts with the rest of the team. We want to take our existing strength of culture to the next level, purposefully and strategically! Tactically, this looks like more defined roles, better adapted processes, more support for the team both professionally and personally, as well as onboarding new, passionate clients and creating a newly refined BryteBox brand.

We are indeed growing… and hiring! If you know a skilled Freelance Copywriter, Project Manager or Social Media Specialist that could be a solid cultural fit for BryteBox, please spread the word! Follow us on IG and tag them in one of our “We’re hiring!” posts. Stay tuned for additional openings in the coming months…

Close to Our Heart: BryteBox Supports Community Organizations for Give Miami Day

Giving back to the community is woven into the fiber of BryteBox’s culture. And when we have the opportunity to align with clients who share this commitment to the greater good, we see this as a tangible expression of who we are. Over the years, we have been involved in many nonprofit community organizations that align with our company and our clients’ personal and professional values. 

In honor of Give Miami Day (November 17, 2022), one of the nation’s largest annual giving events that brings awareness to the impact and work of over 900 organizations, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of our partner organizations and causes, including the Surfrider Foundation, Oliver Patch Project, and NVEEE (National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment). 

Read on for more information about these important causes and how you can support them on Give Miami Day and throughout the year. 

The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a diverse group of environmentalists, surf fanatics, people who like the beach, and people who just want to belong to something. The organization began when a much-loved surf break on Miami Beach was saved from development by a surfer and an attorney. Soon, people from other coastal locations reached out, saying the same issue was arising in their communities. Today, the Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans and beaches through a powerful nationwide activist network.

Our founder, Brad Wells, is well-known within the Surfrider community. He helps bridge the gap between different community interests and provides strategies to move the organization forward. One of his key contributions to Surfrider was spearheading the corporate volunteerism program for dune restoration. In addition, BryteBox continues to help the Surfrider Foundation by providing free monthly website maintenance. 

For more information about the Surfrider Foundation and how you can support the organization this Give Miami Day, visit

The Oliver Patch Project

In 2020, 9-year-old Oliver – son of BryteBox client Studio IDC’s VP Trisha and her husband, Brian – was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Oliver’s treatment began during COVID, which meant the family didn’t have the regular support or shared experience with other families also going through treatment. Trisha and Brian created a Facebook post, asking friends, many artists, to create and mail Oliver a patch that he could sew onto his jacket. The response was enormous! The jacket served almost like a suit of armor, making him feel strong and loved while fighting his battle. 

This soon evolved into the Oliver Patch Project, which is now open to any child in the United States in active cancer treatment. The child picks out their jacket or tote and 20 patches, which are hand-sewn onto their garment. Caregivers then receive 13 milestone patches they can give the child throughout their cancer journey. In addition, OPP members receive one patch per month for the duration of their treatment. The children look forward to receiving these patches, which give them a sense of hope. 

To learn more about the Oliver Patch Project and how you can donate or get involved, visit


NVEEE (National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment) is a national 501(c)(3) bullying and suicide prevention nonprofit made up of a diverse team of educators, business leaders, social workers, mental health professionals, parents, and students who are committed to youth leadership, turning bystanders into upstanders, mentoring programs, and providing prevention education. The organization offers interactive bullying and suicide prevention education to K-12 school communities (including parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff), universities, community organizations, faith-based communities, and workplaces. Many of its programs are co-facilitated by students with direct experiences as targets or bystanders of bullying.

NVEEE organization’s founder, Jowharah Sanders, a long-time friend of BryteBox, is passionate about youth in need, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. BryteBox founder Juliana Ruiz is also a founding board member of NVEEE. Over the years, BryteBox has helped the organization significantly by developing strategic campaigns and assisting the team in visualizing project components. 

To  learn more about ways to get involved with NVEEE or donate to the cause, visit

With over 900 charitable organizations participating in Give Miami Day, there are endless opportunities for members of our community to get involved. The organizations listed above are close to the hearts of BryteBox’s team members and clients, but we encourage everyone to find a cause that speaks to them. What issues are important to you? What are you passionate about? How do you want to impact your community and the world? We ask ourselves these very questions as we look forward to continuing our support for these and other philanthropic initiatives all year long. 

The Value of Knowledge Sharing: A Panel Discussion with BryteBox’s Brad Wells

While we respect that some information is best kept secret, at BryteBox, we strive to continuously improve, learn, and share our knowledge with our clients and community. This culture of curiosity and thirst for knowledge undeniably stems from having a true thought leader, Managing Partner Brad Wells, at our helm, constantly pushing the business forward through strategic thinking and innovative approaches to marketing. 

Leadership is one of the defining elements of any team. Not only does it drive the direction of an organization, but it also inevitably shapes its culture. What begins as simply a leadership style eventually becomes the core of the team’s beliefs, values, and ways of doing business. In our case, we are grateful to have a leader who supports our professional pursuits and continuous learning opportunities within and outside of BryteBox. Additionally, Brad stays up to date with industry trends and showcases his knowledge by participating in business and marketing events.

For example, Brad recently shared his expertise as a panelist on a Notable webinar series that welcomes prominent business leaders to discuss ways organizations can be impactful with their teams and data decision-making. The theme of the episode, “Bridging the Gap Between Data Creators and Stakeholders,” provoked a discussion about how leaders and  creators can position, visualize, and explain quantitative data and transform it into powerful stories so stakeholders can best understand and utilize it. 

When asked to share his key insight on team collaboration following the panel, Brad highlighted just how critical it is to use empathetic communication, saying: “When creating a new initiative, it’s important for a business to bring in stakeholders early on. Make sure that you’re asking for input and communicating how their feedback is being applied. Think about it from their perspective and ask, “What’s in it for me?” to develop an idea of how to position the initiative so that it benefits each stakeholder personally.”

Here are some key excerpts from the discussion: 

What are gaps in data, and how do you identify them?

Brad: Some have a more vested interest in the information, and others are collecting it in the group. Ask, “What’s in it for me?” for each stakeholder. Asking this can identify gaps.

Identify challenges around language and culture. Create a safe space to be curious. Get a commonality and understanding around fears, and then you can move forward. 

How do we close gaps with people in different silos and bridge collaboration gaps?

Brad: It begins by understanding where there isn’t clarity. Taxonomy is one of those things where you need to be on the same page. [If] I want to see the information displayed this way, and somebody else wants to display it in a different way, we’re going to have a problem going forward on the same page about these things. Coming up with a shared understanding of what those things are will allow you to move forward much more smoothly and effectively.

Last thoughts and tips?

Brad: Start talking about data from the beginning. Know the outcome to collect data properly. Communicate often and regularly. Create expectations that things will be better, not perfect. Hypothesize. The idea is to keep improving on it and have all stakeholders invested in communicating that. 

At BryteBox, we value learning from each other daily. Whether it’s marketing tips we acquired from our latest read or insight from working with previous clients, we enjoy conveying this with our clients, team members and outside audiences to ensure we keep a growth mindset. Stay tuned as we share invitations to future thought leadership events on our IG page and our takeaways right here on the blog!  

For additional information, check out the links below:

You can also watch the full video of the panel discussion here:


Taking the Long-Term View: How Building Strategic Media Partnerships Resulted in International Press Accolades


Six years ago, BryteBox interior design client Studio DADO won the contract to design Norwegian Cruise Line’s first vessel of its newest class of ships, Prima. Prior to and throughout the pandemic, the designs of 17 public spaces, the most awarded to any design firm, and the suites and staterooms came to life. The Studio DADO team researched and traveled to the famous gathering places of the world including Times Square in New York City and St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican to gather inspiration, direction and stories to tell in the spaces. With a multi-year design timeline and countless iterations with the ship builders and architects at Fincantieri, Studio DADO knew the unveiling on the ship likely would garner worldwide media attention. While the team continued doing what they do best, designing functional and exquisite spaces, it became clear that to truly showcase the level of innovation and design Studio DADO was capable of, that a long-term, multi-channel strategy was crucial. The vessel was set to have its inaugural sail on August 27, 2022 and one question loomed…

The Big Question

How can we make a media splash with our unique design stories and not get lost in the media blitz when the vessel sails?


Led by Founder Juliana Ruiz, the BryteBox PR team activated its partnership outreach strategy in Spring 2019, two full years prior to the inaugural Prima sail. Developing purposeful, ongoing relationships with partners as well as trade media was a critical component for the successful positioning of the multiple story opportunities within Studio Dado’s space designs. The BryteBox team launched the strategy by asking “Who is Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL’s) PR Lead? We will schedule a call immediately.” This initial call launched a proactive, direct line relationship directly between NCL’s entire PR department and BryteBox and served as the first component of BryteBox’s triune strategy: relationship building with the campaign’s leading partner, NCL.

Simultaneously, BryteBox sat down at regular intervals with Studio DADO founders and were thoroughly briefed on design development, culminating in full-scale design discoveries for every space designed onboard. This served as the second prong of the triune strategy: strengthening communication with the client, Studio DADO. These discoveries were translated into media ready briefs also shared with the Norwegian team. Relationship building paired with packaged design information that could be easily translated into press releases, pitches and more by BryteBox enabled Studio DADO to stand out among the four additional design firms onboard by garnering the lion’s share of coverage leading up to the sail and significant in media hits. Additionally, as the time drew very close to the inaugural sail, BryteBox provided the  Studio DADO founders and designers traveling onboard the inaugural sailing with  media training and preparation including: content capturing, onsite guidelines for takeaways, briefing on messaging and talking points as well as interview best practices.

The final component of the triune strategy hinged upon the successful cultivation of existing media relationships. Over the year’s working with DADO, BryteBox built strong relationships with trade publications including SeaTrade, Cruise & Ferry, Cruise Industry News and more. Consistently, BryteBox worked with editors to place valuable leads and near ready-to-print stories into their hands. These positive collaborations in the past set the stage for ongoing conversations surrounding Prima and DADO’s design. 


Aligning key DADO messages and a media list of journalists on the inaugural sail, the BryteBox PR team sent targeted announcements to the right contacts at trade publications and international outlets. This preemptive approach enabled BryteBox to secure 7 interviews prior to sail. As the lead, Juliana continued to pitch and field interview requests while the founders were onboard, securing a total 15 interviews. Due to the rapport built with NCL’s PR team, Studio DADO founders were brought into broad media opportunities and offered cohesive, design-centered messaging to enhance both their brand and NCL. Notably, every article mentioning the ship’s design elements and features also named Studio DADO. This win-win-win approach between NCL, Studio DADO and the media aided in the staggering number of media hits specific to Studio DADO over the three-month pre-sail, during and post-sail period: 320 mentions and a total potential news reach of 570M. Studio DADO was named or featured in articles appearing on, Yahoo! Finance, Associated Press, The Points Guys, PR Newswire and more. Executive Traveler, Cruise & Ferry News, SeaTrade Cruise News, Cruise Lifestyle, Look Travels and more represented the trade publications BryteBox strategically targeted and ultimately received placement for Studio DADO.

BryteBox Quote

The success of this campaign demonstrates the magic formula of creating a strategy and executing it with diligence. Our ongoing relational investments with NCL, the media and the founders of Studio DADO enabled not only open communication but an atmosphere of cheerleading, collaboration and the valuable exchange of press opportunities. Our efforts have not waned as journalists continue reaching out to confirm design details. We celebrate this media success and watch out for the many awards we are submitting for Prima and Studio DADO!

Leading with Values: How BryteBox Leverages Its Experience To Give Back To The Community


Founding a company provides a unique opportunity to give a larger platform to deeply held personal values. For BryteBox Founder Juliana Ruiz, this couldn’t be more true! When Juliana founded the company, she was active in philanthropic causes personally and professionally, an outpouring of her highest value of serving the community. BryteBox’s client portfolio and project scopes grew quickly in its earliest years and Juliana looked no further than long-time colleague and fellow University of Miami alumni Brad Wells, who would join as Partner. Juliana and Brad continued their involvement in causes, serving as marketing, PR and business development advisors to both international 501c3s as well as community initiatives including National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE), Surfrider Foundation, Comunidad Connect and more. Rooted and united in their philanthropic values, Juliana and Brad find themselves attracting like-minded clients across the years, together asking the question…

The Big Question

How can our company give back to the community in a meaningful, positive way?


As like attracts like, BryteBox clients share a common culture of community service. While diverse in industry, these clients see their respective companies as a platform for positive impact and often, their unique personal or family history drives the area of service they devote their time and expertise to. One BryteBox client, a high-end hospitality design company, turned heartache into encouragement for some of the most ill in our Miami community by designing patches for children with cancer when disease struck the founder’s grandson. Another BryteBox interior design firm client is passionate about finding cures for rare cancers and engages their entire team once per year to participate in Cycle for Survival benefitting Memorial Sloan Kettering. Aligning with client’s philanthropic passions and community service initiatives, BryteBox often spearheads client initiatives, providing strategic guidance as well as functional support including tasteful public relations and media engagement, social media campaign creation and web page design.


Most recently, BryteBox was approached by long-time friend of the company, NVEEE, and its founder Jowharah Sanders, with a unique need. Jowharah is passionate about youth in need, especially within the LGBTQ+ community and she drew upon Juliana’s strength in maximizing the impact of public relations when launching NVEEE, a national 501(c)(3) bullying and suicide prevention nonprofit, when it launched in October 2009. As Founding Board Member, Juliana as well as the BryteBox PR team has worked with Jowharah and NVEEE to develop strategic campaigns as well as to help the team visualize project components. Since its founding, NVEEE has been featured in numerous national media outlets, including Secret Millionaire which resulted in NVEEE receiving $35,000 from MSNBC’s Marcus Lemonis. Receiving over a dozen awards and recognitions, NVEEE has also received four Congressional Records in the halls of Congress and the declaration of an official NVEEE Day (November 16, 2019) in Miami-Dade County. 

This year, the organization’s needs went beyond PR support:  students in the organization’s Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP), were hoping to attend the nationally recognized Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) locally at Florida International University (FIU) but wouldn’t be able to due to family financial constraints. Juliana knew a gift from BryteBox could help take that burden away so that the families and students could benefit from the immersive leadership experience. Now, two PALS participants were able to attend through scholarships provided by BryteBox.

BryteBox Quote

Giving back is woven into the fiber of who BryteBox is. When we have the opportunity to align with clients who share a commitment to the greater good, we see this as a tangible expression of not only what we do in marketing and public relations, but who we are. This month in particular, I’m honored that BryteBox can support these future leaders through NVEEE’s PALS program in their life journey.

Conveying Energy: How Experiential Marketing Done Well Can Solidify Brand Recognition


Having worked with Studio DADO since their inception, six years ago, the BryteBox team understands the unique hospitality design brand and knows the four founding partners welcome ”thinking outside the box”. As the Studio’s fully outsourced marketing arm, BryteBox worked hand-in-hand with DADO to ideate, design, develop and execute the conference exhibition and communications campaign at the widely anticipated Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI America). After a pandemic hiatus had prevented DADO’s participation in 2020 and 2021, the partners wanted a fresh re-introduction to the market at the show, knowing many new faces would be in attendance.

The Big Question

How do we uniquely translate the Studio DADO brand to those not familiar with it?


In conceptualizing this year’s CSI America participation, the BryteBox team started planning in June of 2021, tapping into their own creativity to develop an on-brand experiential marketing strategy from idea to booth to follow-up. BryteBox worked hand-in-hand with the DADO founding partners to design and build a show stopping, award-winning booth. In addition to the design, development and installation of the booth, BryteBox ensured that DADO’s ROI was maximized by planning and leveraging every component of the show for increased brand exposure, including placing features and double-page ad spreads in all trade publications distributed, managing and promoting speaking opportunities, prepping the team for sales and marketing and culminating with the development of an event-specific brand.



In the weeks leading up to the CSI America and through a fully integrated marketing-campaign, Studio DADO debuted “DADO Gelato”; an entirely new and refreshing brand. Leveraging CSI America and DADO’s social following, sneak peeks were strategically shared, building momentum for the DADO Gelato unveiling. Just a few days before the show, the DADO Gelato logo and menu were shared across all of DADO’s social channels, inviting attendees to visit the DADO booth.

With a determinedly pink color palette, the centerpiece of the 10’ x 20’ booth experience was a pink Italian ice cream piaggio, rented from the plant-based Miami brand Angie’s Epicurean and fully rebranded to DADO Gelato.This piaggio was the origin of the DADO Gelato concept, and for which the booth was designed around. Visitors to booth #913 were encouraged to scan a QR code to access a DADO Gelato branded menu, with flavors and toppings listed, and to attend the Founding Partner’s upcoming speaking sessions. Gelato cart attendants wearing DADO branded aprons scooped decadent gelato flavors including Mango Lassi, Cappuccino and Pistachio with rose petals, puffed quinoa and cacao nib toppings. The DADO partners and team members were on-hand to chat in a casual, experience-forward environment set against a pink Ocean Drive-esque backdrop , pink palm trees, beach chairs and pink floors, while jamming to Miami Beach vibes. Many booth attendees mentioned they had seen the sneak peak digital properties on the Studio DADO social channels and were curious to visit as soon as the show started.

Through the development of DADO Gelato, Studio DADO and BryteBox creatively communicated the DADO experience as one that transcends design and encompasses a luxurious, elevated and memorable impact. The multi-prong strategy of exhibiting and securing speaking and panel opportunities lead to peaked interest of media contacts, with future interviews scheduled with leading publications. Significant sales leads resulted from DADO’s participation in the trade show. And to close off an incredibly successful show for the firm,  the DADO Gelato booth was awarded the “Best Booth Design Award” on the final day of the show.


BryteBox Quote

“Measuring success in experiential marketing can look like a number of factors which are specific and tied to the unique goals of the client. For Studio DADO at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, if someone walked in the door not knowing who Studio DADO was, they left not only knowing but with a feeling of joy and creative spark after visiting the booth!”

Case Study: Conveying Expertise Online: How One Real Estate Firm Attracted Multiple Market Segments With One New Website



One year after launching his real estate brokerage firm, Armas Realty, founder Raidel Armas was gaining recognition in his Central Florida market, adding new agents and growing the firm’s number of closings. Agents were active in the community and Raidel was consistently networking at associations and more. While word-of-mouth referrals and reputation were going far in the early stages of the business, Raidel knew the next level of growth required a next level marketing strategy driven by web traffic, leads and, most of all, a centralized platform to showcase he and his team of agents’ expertise. The big question was…

The Big Question

How can companies effectively “show what they know” online?


BryteBox’s team of strategists sat down with Raidel and listened to how he conceptualized his ideal website, a hub of information for his brand. They also listened to identify the real estate firm’s core audience segments, where and how it was positioned in the market, and what set Raidel and his team apart from their competitors. Combining a comprehensive competitive analysis with their discovery sessions with Armas Realty, the BryteBox team presented an initial layout and framework for the new website. Simultaneously, the team integrated Raidel’s passion into the brand language, tone, colors and font to present a unified, singular look and feel, synonymous with the firm. The BryteBox team performed virtual walkthroughs, noting integrations and iterations, keeping the segments front of mind throughout the design and build.



When the new website was launched, Raidel and his agents were able to rest secure in knowing their expertise and energetic culture translated seamlessly between the real world and digital world. Each of their target market segments could land on their website, find pertinent answers to their questions, access resources specific to their needs and easily reach out to the team for a coffee chat, the next step in the Armas Realty sales process.

BryteBox Quote

“In our work with company founders, there is often not a lack of passion! Our role as strategists, writers and specialists is to translate that passion into marketable resources- such as a website- that speaks the language of the clients’ customers. For Armas Realty, we had the privilege and challenge of distilling passion and expertise into a digital powerhouse of both timely and targeted information for multiple customer segments.”

Case Study: Leading with Authenticity: How BryteBox Prioritizes Thought Leadership Opportunities for Clients


In our work with companies across hospitality and design, healthcare and more, we often meet with founders who have been in their respectives industries for not years, but decades. It is not uncommon to hear that the founder spent years studying, training and exacting their craft prior to launching their company. Oftentimes, they also stay within a revenue-producing role, working alongside their staff to serve clients. Their expertise is sought after as shown by their repeat clients and expansive portfolios. While they are working in their business, these founders often need support in working on their business. At the height of their expertise, we find founders often are driven to give back to their industry through thought leadership and desire to begin speaking, writing and sharing their hard-earned knowledge while continuing to grow their company. The challenge lies in how to find opportunities, how to pitch and position and how to find the time! The bigger question remains…

The Big Question

How can companies and their founders get the exposure they need and want in industry publications?


Drawing on internal public relations and content messaging expertise, BryteBox conducts thorough discovery with the client to understand their expertise, message, unique selling points and more in the context of their industry and market. Because clients have decades-long experience, we utilize our skills to enhance their story and develop their authentic, clear voice. Clients are taken through a proprietary process including the creation of a publication and media outlet wishlist. Once the foundational phase is completed, our team is tooled to consistently scan the industry for events, speaking opportunities, trade shows and publications for ‘right fit’ opportunities. Our public relations specialists are often embedded in client companies and are able to pitch the company with little or no additional and time-consuming information necessary from the client. Additionally, we track editorial calendars to ensure no opportunity is missed for an ideal placement and cross-research for clients in complementary specialties.



Our client placements include national outlets such Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, CBS This Morning, Bloomberg, Reuters and more. We also align our client’s business objectives with industry, regional and local outlets and regularly make targeted placements as a result of strong editor relationships, editorial calendar tracking and full cycle management from “pitch to print.”

BryteBox Quote

Just as long-term clients are developed one conversation and one high quality deliverable at a time, each public relations outreach and touchpoint builds your reputation in your industry’s media landscape. With consistency, time and patience, you will experience the benefits of keen targeting and high-profile placements.

Case Study: Differentiating in a Crowded Industry: How BryteBox Positions Clients To Be Seen & Heard



As the past two years of the pandemic thankfully albeit slowly come to an end, businesses and their leaders are eager to get off Zoom and back in person! This year’s event season will once again be live and conferences will have full schedules of panel discussions, keynotes, breakout sessions and animated exhibit floor conversations. Back to normal, businesses and companies are emerging with a renewed focus on building their brand and a deep hunger to grow their client base. Being seen, heard and known within an industry and amongst peers has never been more important, but the question remains…

The Big Question

As in-person events kick off again, how can companies stand out within their own industry?


In the words of Brian Chesky, “Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.” At BryteBox, we apply this marketing principle directly to positioning our clients as thought leaders, or SMEs (subject matter experts). 

Each of our clients are well-rooted in their respectives industries, with decades of experience and insight. We leverage this expertise by scouting opportunities for clients to contribute as presenters in industry trade shows and expos. Leading these opportunities, we adopt a multi-prong approach to elevate branding, personally (for each stakeholder) and corporately. We interview leadership individually to understand who they are, what they’ve accomplished and where their passion lies for the company’s future. With these key insights, we craft compelling and authentic content and effectively position our clients while keeping true to who they are. 

Our PR team then gets to work, identifying opportunities where we can highlight our client’s expertise through the background and achievements of their leadership and of the company. Once a thought-leadership opportunity is confirmed, the BryteBox team supports our client with media preparation while our digital team creates branded graphics and content to promote the opportunity on our client’s social media channels to ensure maximum exposure. 

Post event, the BryteBox content team works with our clients to develop event recaps and key takeaways. We promote the post-event content via our client’s communications channels, including email, social media and web properties. 


Through BryteBox’s multi-pronged approach to thought leadership opportunities, our clients and their leadership are strategically and purposefully positioned within their industry. With this structured and tested strategy, BryteBox clients have seen their industry profile rise with new projects, larger customers and additional speaking opportunities.

BryteBox Quote

In a world where anyone can be anything, especially online, knowing your stuff stands out! Amplifying our clients’ expertise and their unique voice in a competitive marketplace is the foundation of our work at BryteBox.

Case Study: Maximizing Trade Show Spending: How BryteBox Curated a Multichannel Strategy for Success


Often the greatest opportunities are found in the greatest challenge. This was certainly the case for Studio DADO as an up and coming design studio in the industry. When U.K.-based Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSIE) held their inaugural CSIE America trade show in Miami, Studio DADO knew they could not pass up the opportunity to elevate their brand and deepen their industry relationships. With the trade show taking place locally at the Miami Convention Center, it would be easy to leverage the studio’s marketing spend; creating a memorable and compelling booth design, developing a concise brand pitch, ensuring the sponsored VIP event went off without a hitch, and prepping  DADO team members for at-event relationship building…or would it?

With a multiple sponsorships across the multi-day trade show and a number of team members needing to devote all of their time to ever-growing client work, the DADO founders had one question on their mind:

The Big Question

How can we maximize our trade show marketing spend to make sure we make the industry splash we’re after?


With a clear goal of making sure every dollar spent was executed in a way to bring in business, the ‘how’ also became clear: a cohesive, integrated show experience. Enter the BryteBox team of marketing, social media and public relations consultants with experience in trade show planning and execution. The BryteBox team worked hand-in-hand with the DADO team to develop a branded theme for sponsorship (take a look at the domino-inspired booth and swag nodding to Miami’s Domino Park in Little Havana), a targeted 24-page trade show prep guide, a full event schedule, a two-hour staff training in expo best practices, all marketing collateral and equipment including pre-loaded iPad portfolios and scanners, and media lists with pre-scheduled interviews. The omnichannel strategy took into account the business opportunity for DADO at each sub-event and floor walking time. Each member of the DADO team, being thoroughly equipped by BryteBox with collateral and training, was able to confidently execute their role at the show, and get back to the office to do their design work without additional stress!


DADO’s cohesive, integrated show experience propelled their brand years forward in industry regard. CSIE reported the DADO booth was the most visited booth at the expo, resulting in the highest number of contacts and leads of any sponsor. Instead of the already time-stretched DADO team trying to pull together marketing, social media and public relations for themselves, BryteBox aptly ensured all organization, preparation and execution of trade show activities were fully handled.


BryteBox Quote

Spending on a trade show is easy: choose your level of sponsorship and issue payment. Creating a memorable brand experience and maximizing spend at every level and sub-event takes coordination and experience. The dynamism of our own team at BryteBox comes alongside clients like Studio DADO to ensure the most effective and positive trade show experience imaginable!