The Value of Knowledge Sharing: A Panel Discussion with BryteBox’s Brad Wells

While we respect that some information is best kept secret, at BryteBox, we strive to continuously improve, learn, and share our knowledge with our clients and community. This culture of curiosity and thirst for knowledge undeniably stems from having a true thought leader, Managing Partner Brad Wells, at our helm, constantly pushing the business forward through strategic thinking and innovative approaches to marketing. 

Leadership is one of the defining elements of any team. Not only does it drive the direction of an organization, but it also inevitably shapes its culture. What begins as simply a leadership style eventually becomes the core of the team’s beliefs, values, and ways of doing business. In our case, we are grateful to have a leader who supports our professional pursuits and continuous learning opportunities within and outside of BryteBox. Additionally, Brad stays up to date with industry trends and showcases his knowledge by participating in business and marketing events.

For example, Brad recently shared his expertise as a panelist on a Notable webinar series that welcomes prominent business leaders to discuss ways organizations can be impactful with their teams and data decision-making. The theme of the episode, “Bridging the Gap Between Data Creators and Stakeholders,” provoked a discussion about how leaders and  creators can position, visualize, and explain quantitative data and transform it into powerful stories so stakeholders can best understand and utilize it. 

When asked to share his key insight on team collaboration following the panel, Brad highlighted just how critical it is to use empathetic communication, saying: “When creating a new initiative, it’s important for a business to bring in stakeholders early on. Make sure that you’re asking for input and communicating how their feedback is being applied. Think about it from their perspective and ask, “What’s in it for me?” to develop an idea of how to position the initiative so that it benefits each stakeholder personally.”

Here are some key excerpts from the discussion: 

What are gaps in data, and how do you identify them?

Brad: Some have a more vested interest in the information, and others are collecting it in the group. Ask, “What’s in it for me?” for each stakeholder. Asking this can identify gaps.

Identify challenges around language and culture. Create a safe space to be curious. Get a commonality and understanding around fears, and then you can move forward. 

How do we close gaps with people in different silos and bridge collaboration gaps?

Brad: It begins by understanding where there isn’t clarity. Taxonomy is one of those things where you need to be on the same page. [If] I want to see the information displayed this way, and somebody else wants to display it in a different way, we’re going to have a problem going forward on the same page about these things. Coming up with a shared understanding of what those things are will allow you to move forward much more smoothly and effectively.

Last thoughts and tips?

Brad: Start talking about data from the beginning. Know the outcome to collect data properly. Communicate often and regularly. Create expectations that things will be better, not perfect. Hypothesize. The idea is to keep improving on it and have all stakeholders invested in communicating that. 

At BryteBox, we value learning from each other daily. Whether it’s marketing tips we acquired from our latest read or insight from working with previous clients, we enjoy conveying this with our clients, team members and outside audiences to ensure we keep a growth mindset. Stay tuned as we share invitations to future thought leadership events on our IG page and our takeaways right here on the blog!  

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