Conveying Energy: How Experiential Marketing Done Well Can Solidify Brand Recognition


Having worked with Studio DADO since their inception, six years ago, the BryteBox team understands the unique hospitality design brand and knows the four founding partners welcome ”thinking outside the box”. As the Studio’s fully outsourced marketing arm, BryteBox worked hand-in-hand with DADO to ideate, design, develop and execute the conference exhibition and communications campaign at the widely anticipated Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI America). After a pandemic hiatus had prevented DADO’s participation in 2020 and 2021, the partners wanted a fresh re-introduction to the market at the show, knowing many new faces would be in attendance.

The Big Question

How do we uniquely translate the Studio DADO brand to those not familiar with it?


In conceptualizing this year’s CSI America participation, the BryteBox team started planning in June of 2021, tapping into their own creativity to develop an on-brand experiential marketing strategy from idea to booth to follow-up. BryteBox worked hand-in-hand with the DADO founding partners to design and build a show stopping, award-winning booth. In addition to the design, development and installation of the booth, BryteBox ensured that DADO’s ROI was maximized by planning and leveraging every component of the show for increased brand exposure, including placing features and double-page ad spreads in all trade publications distributed, managing and promoting speaking opportunities, prepping the team for sales and marketing and culminating with the development of an event-specific brand.



In the weeks leading up to the CSI America and through a fully integrated marketing-campaign, Studio DADO debuted “DADO Gelato”; an entirely new and refreshing brand. Leveraging CSI America and DADO’s social following, sneak peeks were strategically shared, building momentum for the DADO Gelato unveiling. Just a few days before the show, the DADO Gelato logo and menu were shared across all of DADO’s social channels, inviting attendees to visit the DADO booth.

With a determinedly pink color palette, the centerpiece of the 10’ x 20’ booth experience was a pink Italian ice cream piaggio, rented from the plant-based Miami brand Angie’s Epicurean and fully rebranded to DADO Gelato.This piaggio was the origin of the DADO Gelato concept, and for which the booth was designed around. Visitors to booth #913 were encouraged to scan a QR code to access a DADO Gelato branded menu, with flavors and toppings listed, and to attend the Founding Partner’s upcoming speaking sessions. Gelato cart attendants wearing DADO branded aprons scooped decadent gelato flavors including Mango Lassi, Cappuccino and Pistachio with rose petals, puffed quinoa and cacao nib toppings. The DADO partners and team members were on-hand to chat in a casual, experience-forward environment set against a pink Ocean Drive-esque backdrop , pink palm trees, beach chairs and pink floors, while jamming to Miami Beach vibes. Many booth attendees mentioned they had seen the sneak peak digital properties on the Studio DADO social channels and were curious to visit as soon as the show started.

Through the development of DADO Gelato, Studio DADO and BryteBox creatively communicated the DADO experience as one that transcends design and encompasses a luxurious, elevated and memorable impact. The multi-prong strategy of exhibiting and securing speaking and panel opportunities lead to peaked interest of media contacts, with future interviews scheduled with leading publications. Significant sales leads resulted from DADO’s participation in the trade show. And to close off an incredibly successful show for the firm,  the DADO Gelato booth was awarded the “Best Booth Design Award” on the final day of the show.


BryteBox Quote

“Measuring success in experiential marketing can look like a number of factors which are specific and tied to the unique goals of the client. For Studio DADO at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, if someone walked in the door not knowing who Studio DADO was, they left not only knowing but with a feeling of joy and creative spark after visiting the booth!”

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