Case Study: Conveying Expertise Online: How One Real Estate Firm Attracted Multiple Market Segments With One New Website



One year after launching his real estate brokerage firm, Armas Realty, founder Raidel Armas was gaining recognition in his Central Florida market, adding new agents and growing the firm’s number of closings. Agents were active in the community and Raidel was consistently networking at associations and more. While word-of-mouth referrals and reputation were going far in the early stages of the business, Raidel knew the next level of growth required a next level marketing strategy driven by web traffic, leads and, most of all, a centralized platform to showcase he and his team of agents’ expertise. The big question was…

The Big Question

How can companies effectively “show what they know” online?


BryteBox’s team of strategists sat down with Raidel and listened to how he conceptualized his ideal website, a hub of information for his brand. They also listened to identify the real estate firm’s core audience segments, where and how it was positioned in the market, and what set Raidel and his team apart from their competitors. Combining a comprehensive competitive analysis with their discovery sessions with Armas Realty, the BryteBox team presented an initial layout and framework for the new website. Simultaneously, the team integrated Raidel’s passion into the brand language, tone, colors and font to present a unified, singular look and feel, synonymous with the firm. The BryteBox team performed virtual walkthroughs, noting integrations and iterations, keeping the segments front of mind throughout the design and build.



When the new website was launched, Raidel and his agents were able to rest secure in knowing their expertise and energetic culture translated seamlessly between the real world and digital world. Each of their target market segments could land on their website, find pertinent answers to their questions, access resources specific to their needs and easily reach out to the team for a coffee chat, the next step in the Armas Realty sales process.

BryteBox Quote

“In our work with company founders, there is often not a lack of passion! Our role as strategists, writers and specialists is to translate that passion into marketable resources- such as a website- that speaks the language of the clients’ customers. For Armas Realty, we had the privilege and challenge of distilling passion and expertise into a digital powerhouse of both timely and targeted information for multiple customer segments.”

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