Case Study: Leading with Authenticity: How BryteBox Prioritizes Thought Leadership Opportunities for Clients


In our work with companies across hospitality and design, healthcare and more, we often meet with founders who have been in their respectives industries for not years, but decades. It is not uncommon to hear that the founder spent years studying, training and exacting their craft prior to launching their company. Oftentimes, they also stay within a revenue-producing role, working alongside their staff to serve clients. Their expertise is sought after as shown by their repeat clients and expansive portfolios. While they are working in their business, these founders often need support in working on their business. At the height of their expertise, we find founders often are driven to give back to their industry through thought leadership and desire to begin speaking, writing and sharing their hard-earned knowledge while continuing to grow their company. The challenge lies in how to find opportunities, how to pitch and position and how to find the time! The bigger question remains…

The Big Question

How can companies and their founders get the exposure they need and want in industry publications?


Drawing on internal public relations and content messaging expertise, BryteBox conducts thorough discovery with the client to understand their expertise, message, unique selling points and more in the context of their industry and market. Because clients have decades-long experience, we utilize our skills to enhance their story and develop their authentic, clear voice. Clients are taken through a proprietary process including the creation of a publication and media outlet wishlist. Once the foundational phase is completed, our team is tooled to consistently scan the industry for events, speaking opportunities, trade shows and publications for ‘right fit’ opportunities. Our public relations specialists are often embedded in client companies and are able to pitch the company with little or no additional and time-consuming information necessary from the client. Additionally, we track editorial calendars to ensure no opportunity is missed for an ideal placement and cross-research for clients in complementary specialties.



Our client placements include national outlets such Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, CBS This Morning, Bloomberg, Reuters and more. We also align our client’s business objectives with industry, regional and local outlets and regularly make targeted placements as a result of strong editor relationships, editorial calendar tracking and full cycle management from “pitch to print.”

BryteBox Quote

Just as long-term clients are developed one conversation and one high quality deliverable at a time, each public relations outreach and touchpoint builds your reputation in your industry’s media landscape. With consistency, time and patience, you will experience the benefits of keen targeting and high-profile placements.

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