Case Study: Differentiating in a Crowded Industry: How BryteBox Positions Clients To Be Seen & Heard



As the past two years of the pandemic thankfully albeit slowly come to an end, businesses and their leaders are eager to get off Zoom and back in person! This year’s event season will once again be live and conferences will have full schedules of panel discussions, keynotes, breakout sessions and animated exhibit floor conversations. Back to normal, businesses and companies are emerging with a renewed focus on building their brand and a deep hunger to grow their client base. Being seen, heard and known within an industry and amongst peers has never been more important, but the question remains…

The Big Question

As in-person events kick off again, how can companies stand out within their own industry?


In the words of Brian Chesky, “Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.” At BryteBox, we apply this marketing principle directly to positioning our clients as thought leaders, or SMEs (subject matter experts). 

Each of our clients are well-rooted in their respectives industries, with decades of experience and insight. We leverage this expertise by scouting opportunities for clients to contribute as presenters in industry trade shows and expos. Leading these opportunities, we adopt a multi-prong approach to elevate branding, personally (for each stakeholder) and corporately. We interview leadership individually to understand who they are, what they’ve accomplished and where their passion lies for the company’s future. With these key insights, we craft compelling and authentic content and effectively position our clients while keeping true to who they are. 

Our PR team then gets to work, identifying opportunities where we can highlight our client’s expertise through the background and achievements of their leadership and of the company. Once a thought-leadership opportunity is confirmed, the BryteBox team supports our client with media preparation while our digital team creates branded graphics and content to promote the opportunity on our client’s social media channels to ensure maximum exposure. 

Post event, the BryteBox content team works with our clients to develop event recaps and key takeaways. We promote the post-event content via our client’s communications channels, including email, social media and web properties. 


Through BryteBox’s multi-pronged approach to thought leadership opportunities, our clients and their leadership are strategically and purposefully positioned within their industry. With this structured and tested strategy, BryteBox clients have seen their industry profile rise with new projects, larger customers and additional speaking opportunities.

BryteBox Quote

In a world where anyone can be anything, especially online, knowing your stuff stands out! Amplifying our clients’ expertise and their unique voice in a competitive marketplace is the foundation of our work at BryteBox.

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