Case Study: Maximizing Trade Show Spending: How BryteBox Curated a Multichannel Strategy for Success


Often the greatest opportunities are found in the greatest challenge. This was certainly the case for Studio DADO as an up and coming design studio in the industry. When U.K.-based Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSIE) held their inaugural CSIE America trade show in Miami, Studio DADO knew they could not pass up the opportunity to elevate their brand and deepen their industry relationships. With the trade show taking place locally at the Miami Convention Center, it would be easy to leverage the studio’s marketing spend; creating a memorable and compelling booth design, developing a concise brand pitch, ensuring the sponsored VIP event went off without a hitch, and prepping  DADO team members for at-event relationship building…or would it?

With a multiple sponsorships across the multi-day trade show and a number of team members needing to devote all of their time to ever-growing client work, the DADO founders had one question on their mind:

The Big Question

How can we maximize our trade show marketing spend to make sure we make the industry splash we’re after?


With a clear goal of making sure every dollar spent was executed in a way to bring in business, the ‘how’ also became clear: a cohesive, integrated show experience. Enter the BryteBox team of marketing, social media and public relations consultants with experience in trade show planning and execution. The BryteBox team worked hand-in-hand with the DADO team to develop a branded theme for sponsorship (take a look at the domino-inspired booth and swag nodding to Miami’s Domino Park in Little Havana), a targeted 24-page trade show prep guide, a full event schedule, a two-hour staff training in expo best practices, all marketing collateral and equipment including pre-loaded iPad portfolios and scanners, and media lists with pre-scheduled interviews. The omnichannel strategy took into account the business opportunity for DADO at each sub-event and floor walking time. Each member of the DADO team, being thoroughly equipped by BryteBox with collateral and training, was able to confidently execute their role at the show, and get back to the office to do their design work without additional stress!


DADO’s cohesive, integrated show experience propelled their brand years forward in industry regard. CSIE reported the DADO booth was the most visited booth at the expo, resulting in the highest number of contacts and leads of any sponsor. Instead of the already time-stretched DADO team trying to pull together marketing, social media and public relations for themselves, BryteBox aptly ensured all organization, preparation and execution of trade show activities were fully handled.


BryteBox Quote

Spending on a trade show is easy: choose your level of sponsorship and issue payment. Creating a memorable brand experience and maximizing spend at every level and sub-event takes coordination and experience. The dynamism of our own team at BryteBox comes alongside clients like Studio DADO to ensure the most effective and positive trade show experience imaginable!


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