Streaming Stories of Art: Boosting Brand Exposure Via Instagram Live



Our client Studio DADO, Miami-based hospitality and cruise ship design firm, sought to leverage the momentum of Miami Art Basel 2021. The event brings the international art world together with more than 250 of the world’s leading galleries and 4,000+ artists, making it the ideal occasion for sharing the story of Studio DADO’s involvement in the art world. Though not a traditional gallery, the firm’s creative work relies on artistic design, presenting us with a unique marketing opportunity to position Studio DADO in the center of Miami’s buzzing Basel art scene. 

The Big Question

How do we position Studio DADO among Art Basel’s art dealers, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to best leverage the firm’s creative talent, expertise, and experience?


Over the past five years that BryteBox has worked with Studio DADO, the design firm has collaborated with many artists across dozens of projects. With Art Basel coming to Miami, we seized the opportunity to position the brand and garner exposure around the international event by focusing on Studio DADO’s multifaceted approach to their designs. 

Art Basel was a chance to emphasize Studio DADO’s work, which is artistic at its core. We decided to activate a social media campaign to spotlight how art is integrated into the very foundation of Studio DADO. From small sculptures and custom tiles to large-scale installations, integrating commissioned pieces into the image of a consumer brand is an intrinsic element to the firms’ success.

This social media campaign included Instagram lives and informational panels highlighting the unique and extensive catalog of custom commissioned and curated artwork, sculptures, and design elements featured throughout Studio DADO’s projects. 

Founding Partner Yohandel Ruiz and Director Jessica Therburg hosted the live stream event, as laid out by our campaign strategy. During the Studio DADO-led Q&A session, the design team chatted with artist Amy Rader Design about her custom digital murals for the staterooms aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Prima vessel and the persisting influence of art and design on interior spaces and beyond. 

Studio DADO encouraged viewers to join the Live and ask the team questions in the last few minutes of the live session. This highly interactive experience piqued viewers’ interest and humanized their connection to the design firm. Ultimately, this showcase maximized the importance and influence of art on DADO’s designs. 


We delivered a campaign brief, social content, and Instagram Live strategy and management to Studio DADO, thus kicking off the #ArtBaselMiami2021 campaign. Our content featured some of the most memorable and striking art pieces Studio DADO curated for their clients.

Throughout the campaign, we reached 1989% more non-followers and gained 900% more website taps, 239% more profile visits, 895% more live video impressions compared to the week prior.

Studio DADO reached new audiences on Instagram Live and launched a recurring live series segment due to the success of the Art Basel campaign. We didn’t simply reach new people–we shared the artist’s story and the inspiration behind their work with new people. Studio DADO met its social media goals for the end of 2022, boosted its social media presence and following, and ended the year on a Bryte note.

BryteBox Quote

Humanizing audience interaction with your company is crucial to establishing strong connections. This can be as simple as going live on Instagram and encouraging interactions between your team and network. Re-establish your brand’s story to introduce yourself to newer audiences: Why is your business important? What led you up to this point? What inspires your brand? When you care, your viewers want to care, too.

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