Wrapping up the year on a Bryte Note

With our eyes set on 2022, we reflect on this past year with gratitude for the growth we’ve experienced. In these last twelve months, we established new relationships, expanded our team, overcame unforeseeable challenges, and were finally reunited in person again! 

We recovered from the pandemic setback. Thanks to our thorough planning and the commitment of our team we quickly (and successfully) pivoted our projects in an unprecedented turn of events. We regained the revenue, grew our client portfolio and our team; Juliana, Brad, Gabriella, Vivianna, Maria, Alejandra, Rebecca, Terry, Alexey, Daniela, and Carly. 

This last quarter has been a busy one! We celebrated a handful of work anniversaries with clients and resumed our participation in networking events and industry trade shows. It felt surreal to safely participate in our first conference in 18 months! 

As we wrap up the year and prepare for the holidays, we’d like to express our appreciation for our clients, team, and supporters. The heart of what we do is found within you. Our story is constantly unfolding, and we’re grateful for everyone helping us write it. 2022 will be one for the books. 

Thank you for following our 7-year journey and cheering us on. Wishing the happiest of holidays to you and yours. 

Juliana and Brad


A Year to Remember 

Aside from adding new clients, new team members, and meeting in person again, we launched the BryteBox blog. Through our blog, we’re able to share our client success stories and provide insight into the BryteBox way of doing things. Here are a few of our favorite case studies (worth the read, in our opinion): 

Cheers to a Bryte Year Ahead

We have big plans churning behind-the-scenes that we’re ecstatic to share with you in the months to come, including launching new brands and revamping our own!

If you’ve worked with us, you know that we don’t just work in our business–we’re constantly working on our business, and we work with our clients to do the same. We practice what we preach.

2022 is already promising to be another stellar year for our team and for our clients. 

Stay tuned for more!


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