Crushing Client’s Goals With Annual Planning


Things are constantly changing in our clients’ businesses: new employees are hired, markets mature, customers come and go, companies scale.

With so many moving parts required to run a business and keep it relevant in its market, a lack of a strategic long-term marketing plan can result in costly and haphazard advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts. Without clear expectations for the year ahead, there are no guidelines for accomplishing a company’s goals or strategies for planning and budgeting.

The Big Question

How can we create and execute a marketing plan for each client that clearly identifies the exact steps and activities needed to achieve the company’s year-long marketing objectives?



BryteBox’s annual planning process is a powerful catalyst that lays the foundation for the subsequent year. By meeting with each client to review historic goals and objectives and discuss the year ahead, we create a comprehensive blueprint that outlines each organization’s overall marketing effort for the new year, leaving little to no guesswork for our clients’ forthcoming marketing game plan. 

During a detailed yearly planning process with the client, we identify stakeholder goals through a comprehensive review of past activities within each communication channel, such as public relations, advertising, social media, and more. Then, we flesh out the internal plans that will allow us to hit these goals. By assigning short-term and long-term tasks to our team, we can successfully execute the annual plan throughout the year.


ResMarketing Planult

We prefer to create marketing plans for our clients yearly, revisiting the plan at least once within each fiscal year. The purpose of creating a marketing plan is to identify  what steps and individual activities will be carried out to achieve each company’s marketing objectives across communications channels. We then plan marketing strategies and tactics with a quarterly focus and map out tasks monthly. Through this process, the BryteBox team sets practical goals and can track performance while following along using the yearly plan as a compass. 

We don’t like surprising our clients. Planning a year in advance provides a roadmap of the activities and campaigns we need to develop, to reach the goals that we outline for each client and stay within their budgets. If there are fluctuations in workload or additional marketing opportunities to consider, they’re identified during the annual planning session. Each channel’s resources and hours are analyzed during yearly planning, so all parties know what to expect. With a strategic foundation in place, we can be nimble as business conditions shift. A solid foundation allows us to keep up with the fast-paced industries of our clients and be prepared to execute updates to stay ahead of changes and competition quickly. 

Incorporating a comprehensive business assessment, establishing a yearly planning process, and focusing on a concise, measurable set of priorities ensures the success of annual marketing campaigns on both sides.

BryteBox Quote

Make your business New Year’s resolution to start the year with an annual marketing plan. Outline your business objectives and the marketing strategies and tactics you plan to use to achieve them. Annual marketing planning is our go-to strategy for helping clients stay ahead of the curve. When our clients have peace of mind knowing there’s no ambiguity in their marketing plan, everyone wins.

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