The Story Behind the Space: Capturing Studio DADO’s Design Narrative through Design Discovery Sessions


Creative minds, designers, and innovative entrepreneurs tend to thrive when they have the space to design their own ideas and solutions; boundaries can be stifling—unless implemented properly. A strong design brief can provide a much-needed balance of format and freedom. 

Our client Studio DADO, a hospitality design firm, manages multiple projects simultaneously, all with detailed design stories that we must effectively capture and share with their audiences through multiple mediums. With Studio DADO’s growing list of clients and projects, our original system of interviewing the design team needed an overhaul, one that would allow us to streamline and scale our information-gathering process while preserving the authenticity of the designers’ creative process.

The Big Question

As the Studio DADO business continues to expand, how can we most effectively capture the design story behind each of their spaces to simplify the brand’s internal and external communication and media efforts?


As Studio DADO grew, their bandwidth for non-design-related work shrank, yet we found ourselves with more content to collect than ever before. It was imperative that we create a process to effectively capture the design story behind each Studio DADO space and to strategically present that information to their clients for use in their own press and marketing efforts.

The answer lay within our Design Discovery and Design Brief. We dubbed the process the “New Space Discovery,” which began with a Design Discovery session that would be conducted for each new project. During these sessions, Studio DADO’s lead designers walked us through the same design presentations they presented to their clients, giving us an in-depth look into the designs. Based on the details provided during the Design Discovery we drafted a Design Brief deliverable, including the specific influences behind each project, its design story, the many design elements and the inspiration behind why they were selected. By dedicating an hour or two at the onset of a project, we were able to maximize the content we gathered and repurpose it throughout our marketing.


Through the Design Discovery process, we were able to capture the designers’ vision for each project in their unique voice, allowing us to leverage the information for future content releases, PR efforts, social media, and web for our own marketing, and for use by DADO’s clients for their own marketing and communications efforts.

By dedicating a set amount of time towards securing a Design Brief from the get-go, we learned important project information from the start, saving vital time for Studio DADO and their clients. With a cache of content straight from the designers, we gathered pre-approved material that strengthened DADO’s communication and relationship with their clients, while also conducting more timely press efforts.

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Behind their myriad of clients, design projects, and spaces lies Studio DADO’s creative narrative. Each space they design is a collaborative effort and represents an accumulated design vision that is woven throughout all of their spaces. It’s imperative that we honor these stories and share the inspiration behind them with the Studio DADO audience. Our New Space Discovery does just that, detailing and describing the nuances of each creative decision.

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