Streamlining Systems: Increasing Brand Visibility with Cloud-Based Lead Tracking


Not all leads are created equal. The path to purchase—the journey a user takes across channels and campaigns to convert from a prospect to a customer—is different for every organization, and in our current digital age, leads can funnel in from more touchpoints than ever. A common challenge we have identified for our clients is the management and tracking of inbound leads whether it’s an insufficient lead registration system or a lack thereof. With a nonoptimal or nonexistent lead tracking process, our clients were missing opportunities to maximize lead touchpoints and conversions. So, we sought to implement an effective lead tracking system that would enhance their lead quality, revenue, and sales strategy, without being overly complex.

The Big Question

How can we create a simple yet effective lead tracking process that clients can easily adapt to the specific needs of their organization?


The simplest solution is almost always the best. To avoid clients wasting time and resources on deadends and focusing instead on high-quality leads, we had to create a lead registration process that was straightforward yet customizable. Through cloud-based collaborative documents, designed with organization members in mind, we implemented a system of spreadsheets capable of capturing and monitoring the details of every lead. By fully integrating the lead tracking system into existing communication channels like email marketing lists, we were able to maximize lead retargeting opportunities. Increased visibility meant that teams could more easily plan their workflows, and newly improved lead analytics powered new marketing and sales strategies. Most importantly, the ease of use of our cloud-based system offered clients a way to freely adapt the spreadsheets to their brand’s unique metrics and goals.


A streamlined lead tracking system can lead to impactful results. With a simple yet powerful process in place, our clients were able to easily integrate a lead registration system that they could customize to their brand’s specifications, creating a more organized internal operation overall. Now, team members can easily identify prospective customers, closely monitor the customer journey, and take ownership of active leads. By empowering our clients to do more with less, they improved their lead tracking, strengthening conversion and retention rates.

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Implementing a strategic, yet simple lead management and tracking system can make a world of difference on a business’s bottom line. By adding straightforward sales tracking processes to our client’s internal systems we can give businesses the direction, tools, and workflows they need to ramp up their sales game, without overwhelming them or bogging them down with sophisticated systems. We know firsthand how inextricably tied the marketing and sales process is, and the closer these two departments can work together, the greater their chances of success.

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