Supporting Coastlines, Online: Optimizing a Non-Profit’s Digital Presence to Expand the Impact of their Grassroots Volunteer Network


Community and communication are key for the Surfrider, an organization steeped in local activism and leadership opportunities for volunteers. The website is a touchstone for current and future volunteers to find timely information about current campaigns, programs, and events from beach clean-ups to dune restoration. With their sights set on the coastlines, Surfrider’s Miami Chapter needed support online, but reliable web developers were few and far between among their network of water and wave enthusiasts. A backlog of updates and communications had become a bottleneck, limiting the organization’s reach and growth opportunities. The site was in desperate need of streamlined web content but without the technical know-how, these critical updates were long delayed.

The Big Question

How can we maintain the most up-to-date web content to encourage volunteerism and expand the Surfrider network, without the internal know-how?


Essential web updates had been long accumulating, so BryteBox developed a strategic approach to tackling the overdue to-do list. They took a hands-on approach, promptly commencing real-time, optimized web updates to the layouts, plugins, and backlinks. Through their efficient communication process, BryteBox easily tracked and prioritized all incoming tasks requested by Surfrider.


By completing critical web updates, BryteBox refreshed the chapter’s current programs and campaigns and maximized the website as a go-to communication tool for the organization. With this newly improved content, the Surfrider Miami chapter can reliably promote its initiatives and serve as a source of timely information for volunteer and leadership opportunities, while continuing to bring together people who love the ocean and work hard to protect it. 

BryteBox Quote

BryteBox is a staunch supporter of organizations such as Surfrider Foundation that champion the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. We are happy to offer our services for the advancement of a philanthropic cause that fosters a network of powerful leaders and creates a global ripple effect through science, community, and respect. Thank you for all that you do, Surfrider Foundation!

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