Conquering Paid Advertising: How One Franchise Cooked Up A Paid Advertising Strategy with Stellar Results


Owning and operating their local food-based business, the owners knew they were missing out on the secret sauce of paid advertising. Like any business owner focused on growth, they rolled up their own sleeves and began creating and placing ads to promote their service to the local market. Day-to-day operations soon took priority, and the duo realized understanding the ins and outs of the world of paid advertising took more time than they had available. Overwhelmed by months and months of money spent, they recognized their digital advertising budget dollars simply weren’t yielding the sales they hoped for. In fact, they weren’t even sure their ads were reaching their ideal audiences which added to their concern. Expertise and strategy were the missing ingredients and one question loomed on their minds…

The Big Question

How can we get in front of the right customers with the right offering?


Deciding they couldn’t carry on another month spending their advertising budget without results, the owners reached out to the BryteBox team for an initial conversation. Together with the duo, BryteBox reviewed previous paid advertising campaigns to identify successful keywords, audiences, and sales funnels. The team asked questions to identify the services that had the highest return on investment in order to boost advertising in those markets. From there, BryteBox created a custom advertising strategy that would provide peace of mind to the owners. BryteBox established new Google ad campaigns and segmented the different services by ad groups. This segmentation enabled the owners to effectively target different audiences and solicit services unique to their needs. During the follow-up monthly meetings, ByteBox reported results using established KPIs and optimized the strategy on an ongoing basis, giving time back to the owners to concentrate on operating their business.


Transitioning from ad hoc paid advertising to a multi-faceted Google ads campaign was a profitable pivot for the franchise. By localizing and leveraging high revenue services, the ad campaign appealed to a broad range of customers seeking their services in the target market. By segmenting each of their services into different ad groups, BryteBox included language and landing pages that best fit exactly what the user was looking for which leads to a higher conversion rate. In the last 6 months, the owners have seen a 640% return on their advertising investment! Inbound leads and sales, specifically measured through Google metrics and tracking, have increased significantly with harder to reach segments now engaged by the franchise online. As an added benefit, the BryteBox team ensured the strategy was agile to allow the franchise to do seasonal advertising to promote holiday events and summer camps.

BryteBox Quote

When we ask clients how their paid advertising is going, we are usually met with one of two replies: a look of bewilderment or utter frustration. We get it! Clicks, conversions, funnels… It’s another world of lingo that requires investment, expertise and customer response testing that most business owners don’t have the time or interest to do themselves. Here at BryteBox, we’ve honed strategies that provide significant advertising ROI, completely outsourced ad oversight and the all-important peace of mind.

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