Telling the Business Story: How One Start-up Maximized Their Blog To Authentically Connect


When design and build experts Gaston and Norma Galella decided to leave their corporate roles, they knew their next endeavor would require their full attention, energy, and expertise. While they had strong personal reputations in their trade and a respected network of vendors, the duo still needed help launching their high-end concierge renovation firm, Duoma Atelier. BryteBox came alongside Gaston and Norma in their launch, creating social media channels and developing a state-of-the-art website to attract Duoma Atelier’s discerning prospective clients. With the backend systems in place, one key question remained…

The Big Question

How can we authentically tell our personal and professional story in such a way that clients are eager to connect with us?


With the firm’s market launch around the corner, BryteBox developed a comprehensive communications strategy, with the Duoma Atelier blog at the heart. The BryteBox team sat down with and interviewed Gaston and Norma to hear their story in their own words, documenting not only the facts, but their tone and motivation to provide families with luxurious and lifestyle-forward places to call home. The team also researched industry and geographic trends to find the marketplace pulse and to position Duoma Atelier’s outreach at the forefront. Equipped with this key information, BryteBox developed a series of blogs to precisely introduce the Duoma Atelier brand story, allowing Gaston and Norma peace of mind to focus on their own expertise in launching the firm.


With a monthly blog hosted and branded in consistency with their website as well as reflecting SEO best practices, Duoma Atelier is poised to speak the language and attract Gaston and Norma’s ideal clientele. BryteBox developed a blog creation and publication system that only requires ideation and creativity from the duo, eliminating the time-intensive aspects of running a successful blog. Fully integrated into all their communications channels including their newsletter and social media, the Duoma Atelier blog is a creative outlet for Gaston and Norma to truly tell their story, the details behind their designs, and showcase what is important to them. The content is resonating as visitors spend on average one minute and forty-five seconds on a single blog page, showing the audience is reading and engaging with their content.

BryteBox Quote

Translating our interview meetings with Gaston and Norma into content that is not only connecting, but selling their concierge services is a win for them and for our BryteBox team. The systems we have created and automated for their communications ensures they can do what they do best everyday: design and build remarkable spaces for families in South Florida!

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