Solving the Social Media Conundrum: How A Growing Design Firm Successfully Outsourced Their Social Media


With their eyes set firmly on deepening their relationships with cruise industry leaders and designing innovative and luxurious spaces, the Studio DADO team was in high-growth mode. Though a new interior design firm, the four founders were industry veterans who knew what it took to gain industry recognition and were all hands on deck in driving the company quickly forward. As designers, they had a clear vision for their branding including print and digital collateral. And while the founders knew a well-branded social media presence was vital, their team members were fully tasked with time-sensitive client work. Occasionally, a DADO designer would share a spontaneous post, but no single team member held responsibility for the brand story uniquely translating to interested online followers and potential clients. One key question loomed…

The Big Question

Who is going to tackle and take over social media in our company?


Happily with no end to business growth in sight, it soon became apparent to Studio DADO that their social media must be fully outsourced. Such a shift was a clear benefit: DADO designers could focus solely on their expertise while a company with social media and branding expertise could integrate best practices and maintain its on-brand digital presence. BrtyeBox sat down with DADO founders to create a social media strategy that aligned with the larger organizational strategy and vision. With an integrated strategy in place, BryteBox and the team then discussed what operational processes around social media would enable the outsourcing to flow smoothly between the firms. BryteBox determined a bank of topics for consistent posting and created a workflow that collaborated on content drafting and approval with the client. Additionally, ByteBox hosted regular meetings to get updates and collaborate with the DADO team as well as coordinate all communication channels such as PR.


In a very short amount of time, BryteBox enabled Studio DADO to shift from a sporadic social media post to a fully outsourced and well-branded social media strategy which included: 

  • An annual content calendar.
  • Monthly social media drafted content and approval process with 20+ posts per month.
  • An industry curated repository of content.
  • DADO team training to capture and forward any ongoing content.
  • Bi-weekly communication meetings.
  • Integrated information sharing amongst all communication channels.
  • Analytics monitoring of channels to identify and explore new opportunities.

With these action points overseen, scheduled and reviewed under Bytebox’s expert eyes, the Studio DADO team had peace of mind that social media was ongoing and consistent and integrated with whatever their work was producing. In the future, when they launched a new project or received a significant project award, they could rest assured distribution of news was automated and seamlessly triggered all communication channels to react. Within the first two months of working with BryteBox, Studio DADO’s social media total engagement and followers within the cruise and hospitality industry increased by 55%.


BryteBox Quote

Studio DADO’s story is easy to tell: high-achieving and personable founders, industry momentum and a hard-working team of talented designers. Translating their story and brand into meaningful short-form posts within a greater operational process was key. Social media is not a short-game and BryteBox positions its clients for the long-game of engaged followers, storytelling and thought leadership. Studio DADO achieved rapid increased engagement in the short-term as well as sustained followers engagement in the long-term. We couldn’t be more pleased and have replicated their success with clients in other industries!

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