Confidently Launching A New Business: How Two Industry Experts Went From Idea to Implementation


With over 35 years of collective experience in building and design, Gaston and Norma Galella made a decision in this pandemic year that would change their legacy: to launch a design-build firm focused on family, community and concierge-level service. With the idea cemented in their minds and a clear market opportunity in South Florida, they determined their official launch date, took notes of who they would approach with their announcement, and created the name Duoma Atelier to reflect their ideals of home and high-end attention to detail. And they also realized that in order to launch successfully and with the level of excellence they were known for in their own industries, they needed expert go-to-market advice and support. Confidently presenting their business to their former colleagues, vendors and potential clients was their highest priority. 

Just a few months out from their end of the year launch date, Norma and Gaston had gone as far as they could and remembered their fellow business owner friends who had successfully gone to market and were, in fact, steadily growing. These friends were long-time BryteBox clients who assured them to ask for the support they needed by reaching out to the team.

The Big Question

Who can help us confidently and expertly bring our new business to market?


The BryteBox team sensed Norma and Gaston’s excitement and went about translating their energy into a comprehensive launch strategy. In the Duoma Atelier Discovery Workshop, Brytebox identified four core goals: to establish marketing, to enter the market, to generate buzz, and to develop consistent branding and messaging through a value-driven communication approach. With this in mind, the team implemented a phased launch strategy and a succinct timeline for peace of mind. The initial phases were key foundational work including an engaging brand story, competitive analysis, and go-to-market strategy based on best practices for their industry and location. The subsequent phases flowed easily with launch communication across channels paired with creative seasonal marketing.


Preparing a clearly defined timeline for execution and holistically approaching all the launch components, BryteBox became fully integrated into Duoma Atelier’s ethos and was able to precisely craft the brand’s entrance into the world and web. By launching a high-impact website, setting up and managing all social media channels, developing print collateral and more, BryteBox ensured they had peace of mind as their public image had been reflected with both authenticity and expertise. With the team skillfully handling all things brand and launch, Norma and Gaston were free to focus exclusively on their sales and business development strategy. As a result, they not only professionally launched to extremely positive feedback, they also immediately began realizing qualified, targeted leads for their services.

“As creatives often wearing many hats, it is hard to recognize when we need to outsource services to help our business thrive. When we decided to launch our business in the middle of a pandemic, we knew right away we needed help from an experienced PR and Marketing team to make the right first impression. Brytebox performed beyond our expectations creating a successful launching strategy from the comfort of our homes.  They have become an integral part of our team and we look forward to continued collaboration for years to come” – Norma and Gaston Galella

BryteBox Quote

Behind every successful brand launch are both the ideators and the implementers,” said Juliana Ruiz, President & Founder of BryteBox. “The dynamic duo of Duoma AtelierGaston and Norma, came to BryteBox with a clear idea of how they could offer their expertise to the South Florida market. Our job as implementers was to position them for maximum ‘out of the gate’ success and exposure and we are thrilled at the response to our collaboration so far!”

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