Webinar-Worthy: Elevating One Organization’s Profile in the Marketplace Through Digital Event Expansion


The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is a robust, 32-year old membership organization with a two-prong focus: to provide touchpoints for C-suite healthcare executives to discuss industry challenges and to connect, both physically and digitally,  these executives from across the country. Until 2015, the organization was known only for hosting the HCEG Annual Forum, a highly anticipated event. In 2016, HCEG acknowledged more could be done to contribute to the aims of both members and sponsors as well as raise HCEG’s industry profile. With the help of BryteBox, they began expanding event offerings to include the HCEG Webinar Series.

Executives are bombarded regularly with webinar and virtual event opportunities, and while they are useful, it can be challenging for an organization to set their own webinars apart from the masses, effectively promote it, and deliver trusted educational content (instead of thinly veiled sales pitches posing as educational content.) HCEG envisioned top-notch webinars that would provide value to its sponsor and members. Knowing that developing compelling content, rolling out a solid marketing strategy, and illustrating the ability to draw repeat attendees is key to webinar success, they knew they needed help in executing a successful series of webinars.

The Big Question

How can we leverage webinars to elevate our organization’s position in our industry?


The HCEG Webinar Series, hosted monthly with sponsor partners, included thought leader and member participation. Working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, BryteBox developed a turn-key webinar development and execution process that encompassed the organization’s value proposition of providing a uniquely intimate learning environment for professional growth and development. The goal of the HCEG Webinar Series became clear: to raise the profile of the organization by connecting with members where they were (online) and to earnestly discuss topics pertinent to their organizations and the healthcare industry as a whole.

BryteBox utilized the project management software Asana to customize a workflow and key task schedule for the webinar production. Coordinating multiple stakeholders including the sponsors, marketing teams, presenters and attendees, BryteBox’s production team provided presentation coaching, landing page creation, registration management, branding and collateral development,  multi-channel webinar marketing and all the details in between.


Over what became a six year professional relationship, HCEG and BryteBox produced 28 webinars and successfully reached thousands of health plan executives across the country. The success of the HCEG Webinar Series raised HCEG’s profile with sponsors who valued greater engagement within their customer base. The no-headache webinar systems were easily replicated time and time again with exceptional participant response.

“Juliana and her team at BryteBox are terrific partners with us at the HealthCare Executives Group,” said Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of HCEG. “Her business acumen and great professional personality make every interaction a delight. I can’t give a higher recommendation for Juliana as an executive and she is surrounded by a great team.”

BryteBox Quote

“Working with HCEG in the development of their HCEG Webinar Series was an excellent opportunity for us to marry our digital and project management expertise with their member engagement and brand exposure goals,” said Juliana Ruiz, President & Founder of BryteBox. “Our team custom-created pre-webinar, day-of and post-webinar systems for HCEG’s array of stakeholders. Their investment yielded a high-quality, repeatable digital experience for all and certainly garnered positive industry regard!”

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