The “New Normal”: Communicating The Pandemic Pivot & Setting Customers At Ease


On any given afternoon, Taste Buds Kitchen (TBK) in West Miami would be buzzing with parents dropping off their aspiring little chefs and chatting about just what recipes the hands-on instructors would be teaching for class. Come in the evening and the sound of wine glasses clinking would be heard during the lively adult cooking classes. Yet, like many other high-touch or retail-based businesses, TBK promptly closed its door in March in solidarity against the spread of Covid-19. In the weeks that followed, TBK co-owners Laura and Beatriz Zaldivar found themselves ruminating on reopening scenarios. They questioned exactly how they could communicate all the safety precautions the business was rolling out. Knowing they needed expert outside marketing know-how, Laura and Beatriz turned to BryteBox and scheduled their one-on-one (or rather, team-on-team) brainstorming session.

The Big Question

How can we confidently talk to our customers and potentially gain new ones throughout this unprecedented time? 


“Sitting down with the BryteBox team so soon after the pandemic began affecting our business was a breath of fresh air,” said co-owner Laura. “Actually, it was more than that,” interjected co-owner Beatriz. “The initial meeting reminded us that our business has always and will always be anchored in providing a safe culinary event experience, pandemic or no pandemic.” Hearing TBK’s commitment to safety and enjoyment through both online and live offerings, the BryteBox team designed a social media brand engagement strategy to ease the minds of existing customers unsure about their risk at a cooking class. Looking at TBK’s untapped reach on social media, BryteBox devised a lead generation campaign that thoughtfully engaged existing and new customers looking for something fun to do. 

“Sitting down with the BryteBox team so soon after the pandemic began affecting our business was a breath of fresh air,” said co-owner Laura.


The BryteBox team developed engaging posts and provided timely and relevant replies in comment sections to positively spotlight TBK’s reputation. This implemented strategy brought a voice of integrity and transparency to the targeted Facebook group conversations. 

Specifically, during a one month time period, BryteBox also generated 44 sales opportunities through its lead generation strategy for the business. TBK benefited from a 10% increase in organic traffic to their page and enjoyed increased positive regard for their safety measures.

BryteBox Quote

From our first meeting with Beatriz and Laura, the Brytebox team was energized by these two go-getter co-founders. We listened in to their specific goals and needs and delivered a thoughtful initial analysis with recommendations. Little did we know that the pandemic impacts were days away and their needs would shift drastically. Beatriz and Laura kept their eye-on-the-ball and motivated to take-on the new challenges. Our team reconvened and provided timely new analysis with immediately implementable recommendations. Their fortitude and enthusiasm inspired us and, ultimately, will lead to their continued success regardless of uncertainty or circumstances.

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